About Moonlit Jewelry

Moonlit style is feminine / bohemian, designed to awaken your inner goddess. The phases & moods of the moon captivate my thoughts and dreams and transform into a collection of adornments.   The one consistent look that identifies my style is this organic imperfect interweaving of natural material. One of a kind creations embodied with goddess energy, healing vibrations and a little spark of mAgic! 


"Creating wearable art gives the same feeling the moon leaves me with.  Feeling like a woman, with all of the curves and all of the edges. From formfitting body chains created on the night of the full moon to necklaces and earrings inspired by the sacred gifts from the earth ~including healing minerals and re-purposed animal discards from the food industry.  Acknowledging that these beautiful creatures may not have been honored in life so lets celebrate them in death". 



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